Connecting with your baby through the power of touch

Why the First Touch program?

The First Touch Program is designed to support you to use and adapt nurturing, healthy touch, baby massage and other enjoyable interactions, in ways that suit your own parenting style and choices as well as the unique and often changing needs of your baby.

Courses are held in Southern Highlands NSW. Courses can be arranged in Goulburn and Wollongong upon request.

  • Enhancing the connection between you and your baby through touch, voice and eye contact
  • Understanding your baby’s communication
  • Confidence in handling your baby and responding to him
  • Learn how to gently massage your baby from head to toe
  • Let’s bring in some reflexology to spread joy to all his body
  • Learn a wind and constipation routine for when your baby is in discomfort
  • Enjoy gentle movements routine which involves baby yoga
  • Are you struggling emotionally? Anxious your baby might be missing out? You can still use the elements taught to aid your baby’s development and lessen your anxiety.

Linda Davis, Connecting Parents and Babies, Baby Massage

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My services include The First Touch Program and Touch & See. These are in a group setting or private consultations.


I am available as a speaker to your group or meetings, and for consultation in training your staff as educators of the program.


I consult to implement the program to all families with a focus on the vulnerable families here in Australia, and in developing countries.

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